judgementundertheradar “Judgement Under the Radar: The Antidote”

May 3rd, 2016

Quotes/Eval responses:

– “I loved playing the game. It encouraged great discussion in our group and we got a real sense for the never ending challenges that people in our challenged communities face every day.”

– “The game was great but needs more time.”

– “Allow more time in discussion in playing the game.”

– What I found most useful in this session was “Board Game Activity”

YWCA Racial Justice Summit 2016YWCA Racial Justice Sumitt

September 30th, 2016

Quotes/Eval Responses:

– “This is a tool I can use to help share this reality with people who don’t know.”

– “Game really offered a glimpse into the issues.”

– “Very realistic and eye opening.”

– “Wonderful Game! Very disturbing of the experience young black men go through! Very educational for white individuals who have no clue!”

– “I work in Economic Dev which includes job programs – our job thought the game helped.”

Community Restorative Courts 1st Annual Recognition CelebrationCommunity Restorative Courts

November 17th, 2016

Quotes/Eval Responses:

– “A better understanding of the challenges facing young black men.”

– “Prompted great conversations with people.”

– “It was much so much more detailed and thorough then I thought possible (in a good way).”

– “Having a real person facilitate the discussion and consequences for each roll of the dice were awesome and super important!!”

Evening with Kris and the CommunityEvening with Kris and the Community

December 28th, 2016

Quotes/Eval Responses:

– “It exceeded my expectations. The game we played made me realize the enormity of the problem.”

– “The training helped me identify some of the problems that exist and the lack of solutions.”

More circulation to more people.”

– “The device of the game to get conversation started is wonderful. Equalizing.”

– “The narrative that “it’s all about choices” is common – this game points out the flaws in that mental model.”

– “Looking at another side of the picture. There are some serious issues un-thought of before going through this training.”

– “The training challenges me. Because I am thinking about a better approach.”