Race to Destiny is a board game about the lives of young black men and as with every board game, it has rules. However, this is not your typical board game where you get to fantasize about the good life by winning and accumulating things or abilities.

We invite groups and individuals within Madison area and Dane County, WI to book a session on our calendar below. Each session is 4 hours long. Sessions usually require a minimum of 6 persons. Individuals who book a session may view the number of people who joined a session on the calendar. Once the minimum number of participants is reached, the game is on; otherwise, individuals will be given the opportunity to reschedule or join another session.

Group sessions are usually 6 or 12 persons but we can accommodate larger groups depending on location. We offer group rates and individual rates for participation.

Please feel free to contact us once you have scheduled a session below from our available dates. At this time, only Mondays are available.